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11th Jun 2013

Iraq: More than 60 killed in Iraq bombings

A wave of violence across Iraq on Monday killed 61 people, nearly half of them in a series of attacks in the northern city of Mosul, officials said. In Mosul at least 29 people were killed when five car bombs … Continued

10th Jun 2013

Saudi Arabia: Mob riots at Indonesian Consulate in Jeddah

  [This combo image shows a fire raging at the Indonesian Consulate in Jeddah's Rehab District on Sunday night. (AN photo)] By ROB L. WAGNER, IRFAN MOHAMMED, IBRAHIM NAFEE & GHAZANFAR ALI KHAN   JEDDAH, (Arab News): Rioting Indonesian expatriates … Continued

10th Jun 2013

Yemen: US drone kills two suspects in northern Yemen

SANAA, (Xinhua): A U.S. drone strike killed at least two suspected al-Qaida militants on Sunday in Yemen’s northeastern province of al-Jawf, an interior ministry official told Xinhua. The strike targeted the two militants while they were on a pick- up … Continued

10th Jun 2013

Afghanistan: Explosions, gunfire heard near Kabul airport

Taliban insurgents have launched an attack on Afghanistan’s main international airport in Kabul, reportedly storming two buildings at the site. The heavily guarded airport is home to a large NATO-led military base. Police said at least seven heavily-armed militants launched … Continued

9th Jun 2013

Lebanon: Protesters shot, one killed near Iranian embassy in Beirut

Al-Akhbar: Shots were fired near the Iranian embassy in Beirut Sunday, wounding several protesters and killing one, according to media reports. According to LBCI, several people were wounded at a demonstration by Syrian rebels sympathizers from the Lebanese Option Party. … Continued

9th Jun 2013

Syria: Video: Belgian fighters behead man in Syria

A new video has surfaced allegedly filmed in Syria that shows a group of rebels, some of them speaking Flemish, use a large knife to behead a man. The rebels, chanting “God is great,” first try to slice the man’s … Continued

8th Jun 2013

Turkey: PM shelves mall plan on Gezi Park, wants end to protests

Istanbul (Hurriyet Daily News): The prime minister once again assures Taksim protesters that no mall will be built on Gezi Park. However, he signaled no step back from the construction of a historical barracks on the site. Turkish Prime Minister … Continued

8th Jun 2013

Syria: Reconstruction in Syria: All eyes on the prize

European actors are once again touting the importance of Lebanon’s stability out of a belief that the country will be a crucial base for their future Syrian reconstruction projects. There have been multiple scenarios for post-war Syria, but on Wednesday, … Continued

8th Jun 2013

Iraq: Car bomb kills 10, injured 30 Iranian Muslim pilgrims

A car bomb in a restive town north of Iraq’s capital killed 10 Iranian Muslim pilgrims Friday, officials said, the latest in a spike in violence that has sparked fears of all-out war. Another 30 pilgrims were wounded in the … Continued

7th Jun 2013

Turkey: More than 10,000 supporters greet Turkish PM in his return to Istanbul

Istanbul, (Hurriyet Daily News): More than 10,000 supporters of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan flocked to Istanbul’s Atatürk Airport to greet him on his return from his four-day trip to North Africa in a show of solidarity with the country’s … Continued

7th Jun 2013

Syria: Syrian Army Recaptures Qusayr, Fighters Disappear

[However, a soldier in the town maintained that he saw that a large section of the fighters in Qusayr were from the area. (Photo: Haitham Moussawi)]   By Marah Mashi   Qusayr, (Al-AKhbar): Everything changed on Wednesday morning as news … Continued

7th Jun 2013

Lebanon: Two gunmen killed in Ersal in clash with Lebanese army

Al-Akhbar: Two gunmen were killed Wednesday night by the Lebanese army after an armed group attacked a checkpoint in Ersal, a statement issued by the Lebanese Army Forces said. A group of unidentified armed men driving a pickup truck ambushed … Continued

6th Jun 2013

Turkey: Gezi protesters say park must stay, demonstration restrictions should end

[Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç met on Wednesday with representatives of the Taksim Platform at the Prime Ministry building in Ankara. (Photo: Cihan, Emrullah Bayrak)] Istanbul, (Today’s Zaman): Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç met with representatives of the Taksim Platform, … Continued

6th Jun 2013

Saudi Arabia bans Viber phone app

Saudi Arabia’s telecom regulator has banned use of the web-based communication application Viber for its alleged failure to comply with the country’s regulations. “The Viber application has been suspended … and the (regulator) affirms it will take appropriate action against … Continued

5th Jun 2013

Turkey: Deputy PM apologises for excessive force used against peaceful protesters

  [Turkish President Abdullah Gül (R) had a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç on Tuesday at the Çankara presidential palace in Ankara. (Photo: President’s Office)] Istanbul, (Today’s Zaman): Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç has apologized for the … Continued

5th Jun 2013

Russia: Syria differences linger at Russia-EU summit

Moscow and Brussels’ differing approaches to the Syria conflict have remained apparent at the Russia-EU summit. However, officials tried to play down some of the differences that persisted during the talks. President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday that Russia had not … Continued

5th Jun 2013

Syrian army regains control of Qusair

The town of Qusair has reportedly come back under the control of Syrian government forces. The troops battled Syrian opposition fighters for nearly three weeks to reclaim the strategic border town. Syria’s official state television reported on Wednesday that the … Continued

4th Jun 2013

Syria: ‘Qaradawi’s incitement to violence’

By Chandra Muzaffar Any human being who abhors violence and bloodshed would be shocked by remarks made by a leading religious personality, Sheikh Youssef al-Qaradawi, on June 1. At a rally in Doha, he urged Sunni Muslims in the region … Continued

4th Jun 2013

Afghanistan: NATO confirms 2 soldiers dead in E. Afghan suicide bombing

KABUL, (Xinhua): Two soldiers of the NATO-led coalition forces were killed in a suicide bombing earlier Monday in eastern Afghan province of Paktia which also claimed the lives of 10 children and an Afghan cop and injured 16 others, the … Continued

4th Jun 2013

Turkey: Protester shot dead in southern Turkey

[Protesters are seen in the southern province of Hatay on Monday night. (Photo: Cihan, Fazilet Candan)] Istanbul, (Todays Zaman): A 22-year-old protester was shot dead late on Monday during an anti-government demonstration in the southern province of Hatay, the provincial governor’s … Continued

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