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24th Sep 2013

Questions plague UN report on Syria

By Sharmine Narwani and Radwan Mortada   Al-Akhbar: A senior United Nations official who deals directly with Syrian affairs has told Al-Akhbar that the Syrian government had no involvement in the alleged Ghouta chemical weapons attack: “Of course not, he … Continued

24th Sep 2013

Lebanon: Nasrallah: Saudi Arabia, Turkey have failed in Syria

  Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah gives a televised address from an undisclosed location on 23 September 2013. (Photo:Al Manar)   (Al-Akhbar): Saudi Arabia, Turkey and other regional countries backing Syria’s rebels must acknowledge their failures to bring down the Syrian … Continued

23rd Sep 2013

Russia: Lavrov: US pressuring Russia into passing UN resolution on Syria allowing military force

The US is pushing Russia into approving a UN resolution that would allow for military intervention in Syria, in exchange for American support of Syria’s accession to OPCW, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said. “Our American partners are starting … Continued

23rd Sep 2013

Iraq: 15 killed, 35 wounded in bomb attack in Baghdad

BAGHDAD, (Xinhua): At least 15 people were killed and 35 others wounded in a bomb attack in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad on Sunday, police said. The attack occurred when a suicide bomber blew himself up at a funeral in … Continued

23rd Sep 2013

Syria: Russian embassy shelled as Syria discloses chemical arsenal

Photo taken on Sept. 22, 2013 shows the Russian embassy to Syria in Damascus, capital of Syria. A mortar shell slammed the Russian embassy in Syria’s capital Damascus on Sunday. (Xinhua/Zhang NaiJie)   BEIJING, (Xinhua): Three diplomats were injured in … Continued

Iraq: 65 mourners killed, 143 injured, in Shi’a Musilm area of Sadr city
22nd Sep 2013

Iraq: 65 mourners killed, 143 injured, in Shi’a Musilm area of Sadr city

Xinhua and Agencies: Two car bombs have killed more 65 people in a northeastern Shia district, in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad. A car loaded with explosives crashed into a tent during a funeral ceremony on Saturday night in Sadr City. … Continued

21st Sep 2013

Yemen: Car bombings death toll rises to nearly 65 in southeastern Yemen

ADEN, (Xinhua): The death toll from three suicide car bombings that ripped through a key military site and police center in Yemen’s southeastern province of Shabwa has risen to at least 65, a local security official said. “At least 65 … Continued

21st Sep 2013

Pakistan: Afghan Taliban commander Mullah Baradar released

ISLAMABAD, (The News): Pakistan on Saturday released its most senior Afghan Taliban detainee, Abdul Ghani Baradar, a senior official of the interior ministry told.   “Yes Baradar has been released,” Omar Hamid, a spokesman for interior ministry said, without elaborating. … Continued

21st Sep 2013

Syria submits chemical arms information to OPCW

  The world’s chemical weapons watchdog has received an “initial disclosure” of Syria’s weapons program. Under a US-Russia brokered agreement, all of the country’s chemical weapons are to be destroyed by mid-2014. “The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons … Continued

21st Sep 2013

Iraq: Two bombs explode in Musab bin Omair mosque, killing several

Two bombs exploded in a mosque in Iraq as worshipers entered for prayers on Friday, killing 16 people, police and a doctor said. The bombs, concealed in air conditioning units in the Musab bin Omair mosque near Samarra, north of … Continued

21st Sep 2013

Syrian rebels agree to ceasefire with extremists in Azaz

Syrian rebels have agreed a ceasefire with al-Qaeda loyalists after bitter fighting for a key border town, a monitoring group said on Friday, as the opposition condemned the jihadi assault. The National Coalition accused al-Qaeda front group the Islamic State … Continued

20th Sep 2013

Syria: Damascus sees stalemate in Syrian civil war

  Syria’s deputy prime minister has hinted at a possible ceasefire in the country’s civil war, now approaching two and a half years. The comments come as Damascus slowly bends to the will of the international community.  Syrian Deputy Prime … Continued

20th Sep 2013

Iraq: Children discover 10 bullet-ridden bodies in Iraq

Children discovered the handcuffed and blindfolded corpses of 10 unidentified young men in eastern Baghdad on Thursday, apparently killed by gunshots to the head, Iraqi police said. Police said residents told them unusual vehicle movements to and from an abandoned … Continued

20th Sep 2013

Bahrain: Five people sentenced for throwing petrol bombs

A Bahrain court on Thursday jailed five people for periods up to 10 years after convicting them of attacking a government building with petrol bombs, a judicial source said. Three defendants were sentenced to 10 years in prison, and two … Continued

20th Sep 2013

Syria: NATO chief: Western strike on Syria “still on the table”

The option of carrying out a military strike or similar operation in Syria must be kept open as a way of dealing with the crisis, the secretary-general of the NATO military alliance said on Thursday. Anders Rasmussen’s comments came as … Continued

19th Sep 2013

Iran will ‘never’ seek nuclear weapons

  The Iranian president has said his government has no intention of seeking nuclear weapons capabilities. The comments came ahead of his first appearance on the world stage at the United Nations General Assembly.  Speaking to US broadcaster NBC, Iranian … Continued

19th Sep 2013

Syria: Pinheiro: ‘There is no military solution in Syria’

  Paulo Sérgio Pinheiro, chairman of the UN Commission of Inquiry for Syria, spoke to DW about the importance of finding a political solution to end the conflict, and misplaced comparisons with Rwanda and Iraq.   Deutsche Welle: Despite the … Continued

19th Sep 2013

Syria: Assad: Destroying chemical arms will take one year

  The Syrian president has repeated his vow to destroy his chemical weapons, this time in an interview with US broadcaster Fox News. However, undertaking the costly project would require a lot of time and money, he added.  In his … Continued

19th Sep 2013

Syria: Al-Qa’ida affiliate overruns rebel-held Azaz in northern Syria

An al-Qaeda front group fighting in Syria on Wednesday overran the northern town of Azaz near the border with Turkey after fierce clashes with formerly allied rebels, activists told AFP. “The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) has … Continued

18th Sep 2013

UN’s big five open talks on Syrian chemical arms resolution

The five permanent members of the UN Security Council have been meeting to discuss a resolution aimed at eradicating Syria’s chemical weapons arsenal. UN chief Ban Ki-moon has urged powers to unite to resolve the crisis. Diplomats from the P5 … Continued

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