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Lebanon: Twin bombing kills 27 and wounds 352 in Tripoli

23rd Aug 2013
Lebanon: Twin bombing kills 27 and wounds 352 in Tripoli


Al-Akhbar: 27 people have been killed and 352 wounded when two bombs exploded within minutes of each other outside separate mosques in Lebanon’s northern city of Tripoli on Friday, state news and private television networks reported.

One of the bombs exploded near the Taqwa mosque as worshippers spilled out of the religious center following Friday prayers. Minutes later a second explosion struck the Salam mosque in the Mina area near the waterfront.

TV footage from one of the attacks showed at least one lifeless body lying on the street as people rushed to evacuate the injured. Separate footage showed what appeared were two different corpses.

Official casualty figures have not yet been released.

Images of severely twisted car chassis suggests that perpetrators may have used car bombs.

Gunfire was heard following the explosions, according to TV reports.


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