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Lebanon: Ambush injures five soldiers in East Lebanon

1st May 2014
Lebanon: Ambush injures five soldiers in East Lebanon


Five Lebanese soldiers were injured after unidentified gunmen ambushed their patrol in the eastern Bekaa Valley near the Syrian border Wednesday afternoon, the army said in a statement.

The army said it fought back after coming under attack in the region of al-Rahwe on the outskirts of Ersal, a key transit point to smuggle weapons and fighters to and from Syria.

Ersal, which hosts tens of thousands of Syrian refugees, is also believed to be swarming with rebel fighters involved in the Syrian war.

The border region has witnessed a number clashes between Lebanese soldiers and Syrian rebels since the war broke out three years ago

Jihadist attacks, including suicide bombings, on army targets have increased in recent months in Ersal and other parts of the country.

One month ago a suicide bomber killed three army soldiers manning a checkpoint in Ersal.

The army statement made no mention of casualties among the gunmen in Wednesday’s attack.


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