Lebanon: 20 Syrians injured in Beirut over game show feud

27th Jun 2013

A group of men attacked a minibus carrying 25 Syrians in eastern Beirut Wednesday and stabbed the passengers with knives, local media reported.

Twenty of the passengers were injured as a result of the attack, AFP said.

The young assailants exited from an X5 SUV without covering their faces, el-Nashra news agency reported, in the neighborhood of Jisr el-Wati.

The Lebanese National News Agency said eight men in three different cars were behind the attack.

They attacked the people in the minibus – a group of Muslim, Armenian and Kurdish Syrians – with knives, witnesses told el-Nashra.

The wounded were moved to the Saint Joseph and Mount Lebanon hospitals, the agency said.

The Syrians were on their way to Hazmieh from Bourj Hammoud to be part of the audience for a game show on the Iranian Arabic-language channel I Film.

The attack was the result of a dispute between two businesses who recruit audience members.

Television shows usually pay people to fill in as audience members during filming. The going average rate for an audience member is $10, of which approximately $3 goes to the recruiting agent.

The large influx of Syrian refugees, which number almost 1.5 million in Lebanon, have made them prime targets for recruiters during the busy Ramadan television season.





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