Iraq: 30-dead in bomb attack in Baquba mosque, 25 wounded

14th Sep 2013
Iraq: 30-dead in bomb attack in Baquba mosque, 25 wounded


A car bomb killed 30 people and wounded 46 near a mosque in a predominantly Shiite area of the mixed city of Baquba
By prabirghose
Baghdad : Two powerful bombs detonated in the al-Salam mosque in Baquba, Iraq, and left 30 dead with another 25 wounded.

The incident occurred after the Friday morning prayers in the village of Umm al-Adham.

It was the second attack in Baquba within a span of three days.

The first of the devices had apparently targeted the devotees who were leaving the premises while the second one was was detonated as a crowd gathered at the scene to help.

Both Sunni and Shia devotees had attended Friday prayers at the mosque and there is no clear induction s to which group was responsible.

The al-Qaida in Iraq has claimed responsibility of several attacks but they usually target the Shia civilians, personnel of the security forces and government setups.

Baquba is known to be a religiously mixed city 60-Km north of Baghdad and has witnessed a number of attacks in the recent past.

Reports indicated that sectarian violence has surged across the country and has reached a high in recent months – in fact, it has reached a high level as compared to 2008.
It seems more than 5,000 people have been killed so far in this year and 800 of these are in the month of August alone as per information furnished by the UN.

Ever since the US troops have left Iraq, the Iraqis are unable to cope with the terrorists and the situation has aggravated with the increasing violence in Syria with the Syrians fleeing to adjacent Iraq for shelter and refuge.

This influx is testing the security apparatus of Iraq to its limits.

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