Egypt: Al-Azhar condemns Israeli attacks on Syria

7th May 2013

CAIRO, (Xinhua): Egypt’s Al-Azhar, the most prestigious institution for Sunni Muslims in the world, has issued a strong warning to Israel over its recent airstrikes against Syria, official MENA news agency reported on Monday.

In a statement, Al-Azhar warned Israel of the consequences of its recurrent aggressions on Syria and accused Israel of committing criminal acts violating international laws and of threatening regional and world security.

Al-Ahzar reiterated its support for the Syrian people against repression at home and the foreign “Zionist” aggression, calling on the Muslim and Arab nations as well as “the people of wisdom” in the West to support the Syrian people in their struggle for freedom and to condemn Israel’s aggression.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry said Sunday that Israeli airstrikes earlier in the day targeted three Syrian military positions and left a number of deaths and injuries, while Syria’s Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi said the Israeli move “opens the door widely before all eventualities.”

On Friday, U.S. media said Israel attacked a convoy carrying missiles from Syria to Hezbollah in Lebanon. This was confirmed by an unnamed Israeli source, although the Israeli Foreign Ministry and Israeli Defense Forces remained silent on that.


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