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Afghanistan: Explosions, gunshots rock western Farah city

3rd Apr 2013
Afghanistan: Explosions, gunshots rock western Farah city

FARAH, (Xinhua): Casualties were feared as explosions and ensuing gunshots rocked Farah city, the provincial capital of western Afghan province of Farah Wednesday morning, police said Wednesday.

“An unknown number of militants armed with suicide jackets and weapons seized the building of Kabul Bank and the neighboring provincial Appeal Court office building in Farah city at around 9: 30 a.m. local time,” a police source told Xinhua.

Casualties have not been cleared so far, he said, adding “the fight is still going on there.”

Security forces have cordoned off the area for precautionary measures.

Media and people were not allowed to enter the site and no one knows what exactly is going on inside the compounds.

No group claimed responsibility for the attacks, but Taliban suspects routinely claim responsibility for such attacks.

A witness said there were several people inside the buildings when the attack occurred.

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