Sweden: Angry parents spark halal school lunch spat

14th Oct 2013

Parents in Svedala in southern Sweden have reported a school to the Schools Inspectorate (Skolinspektionen) for serving halal chicken arguing that the practice breaches the non-denominational praxis of the Swedish education system.

The issue was discussed in the municipal council in September and has been the subjected of intense debate among locals and parents on social media.
In their report to the schools agency the parents have argued that the halal chicken breaches the principle of a religion-neutral education, according to a report by Sveriges Radio (SR).
The municipality’s schools are reported to have been serving the chicken, which originates from Denmark, for the past four years.
Halal slaughter follows old religious rules. Halal is any action or object which is permitted according to Islamic law, is not limited to food and can be applied to all matters of daily life.
With regards to the slaughter of animals halal refers to the use of a sharp knife to make an incision to the throat. The animals should also be slaughtered while uttering the words “in the name of God”.
Kosher and halal meat products are permitted in Sweden if the animal is anaesthetized prior to its throat being cut. While technically against the rules, the majority of Muslims and Jews living in Sweden accept this compromise, according to SR.
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3 Responses to “Sweden: Angry parents spark halal school lunch spat”

ErikaOctober 15, 2013

Angry parents? Islamofobia? No, I have read the citizen proposal and also visit the meeting at the municipal meeting they had yesterday evning.

Not anywhere these parents is angry or islamofobics.They just say as well as demand that their children will not be forced affiliated to a religion, in this case,Islam, then we in Sweden have the right to choose whether we like to belong to a religion or to opt out of a religion.

These parents do not want, in any way at all, belong to the religion of Islam because they are not Muslims and they do not want to pay halalcertification companies when they are governed by Sharia law – a law as these parents do not want to concern himself with.In Sweden, they will follow Swedish laws.Not be a part of Sharia in any way These parents do not want to be forced affiliated to a religion, whatever religion it is about. Thus, their claim nothing with Islamophobia to do. If it had been about kocherslakt they had said the same if they had been forced connected to Judaism.

They also is against halal slaughter then Sweden have the strongest animal laws in Europe,
Most of the meat comes from Ireland which doesn’t have the same regulations on anesthetic BEFORE the slaughter…if any anesthesia are used at all

In Denmark, the anesthetic level is much lower than in Sweden. Other European countries have less animal protection than Sweden. Sweden is a world leader in animal welfare, however, still that meat is imported from abroad – we do not want to give our children the meat when it is partly animal cruelty, and the health risks of multiresistant bacteria is getting stronger – They are against the using of antibiotics, hormones, drugs which will give huge healthproblem in the human bodies in future.

As you can see it is not about deciding what Muslims choose to eat, its about that we do not want to be forced collectively connected to your religion that we do not share. Its not rasism, its not islamofobia it it freedom to chose – Democracy with one word!Please stop to be so easily offended ,there is nothing to be offended of this parents requirement


Malik IngleNovember 3, 2013

The whole issue is becoming very silly and trivial.
The method of slaughter in no way makes you a part of a religion in the same way that the bread could be made by a Christian who blesses his bread every day. How do you know if it is or not? Do you ask each and every supplier whether or not they apply any form of religion in their manufacturing process.
It just makes the parents look very very silly.


How does eating Halal Chicken make you a MuslimNovember 7, 2013

Halal chicken means Muslim children are able to eat that chicken too. Anyone can eat that chicken. If it wasn’t Halal Muslim children wont be able to eat it.


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