France arrests soldier over attack on mosque

12th Aug 2013

PARIS, (Xinhua): A French serviceman has been arrested on charges of having planned an attack against a mosque in Lyon in southern France, a local newspaper reported Sunday.

Citing a statement of the interior ministry, the daily Le Parisien said the 23-year-old soldier, who was arrested on the airbase Lyon Mont Verdu, attacked a mosque with a Molotov cocktail last year.

No casualties were reported in the attack.

“The interior minister reiterates his determination to fight against all forms of violence inspired by the most extremist ideologies that affect the values of the Republic and whose sole objective is to create tension in the society and propagate a climate of hate,”the ministry said.

“No violence will be tolerated,” it added.

In a move to crack down on fascist cells, “that are against the values of the Republic,” the government shut down five far-right groups last month.

The government had launched a dissolution process after a young anti-fascist activist, Clement Meric, was killed in June during a fight with the Revolutionary Nationalist Youth (JNR) supporters.

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One Response to “France arrests soldier over attack on mosque”

ShaikSeptember 25, 2013

Why people are attacking Muslims in some parts of the world?

Some other religion people are trying to ruin Muslim life s. By asking them not to cover their face in public, not to wear burkha/abaya and by attacking mosque etc..,

People should use their sense and think that they are human being and being a human it’s our responsibility to respect each other, help each other and each other s religion and be good to others.

The govt should provide security to Muslims here. And the accused persons should be caught and should be punished severely. So that no such incidents happens in any part of the country. If such incidents happen again and again in future then it will become an issue through out the world.


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