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Morocco: Five migrants die off Moroccan coast on way to Spain

22nd May 2013

RABAT, (Xinhua): Five migrants died overnight after their boat capsized off Nador coast of northern Morocco on their way to Spain, Moroccan interior ministry said Tuesday in a statement .


Seven other migrants in the boat, including four women, were transported to a hospital, the statement added.


Last weak, five Moroccan security members were wounded when they tried to stop a group of over 200 sub-Saharan migrants from entering the Spanish enclave of Melilla from Nador by climbing a six-meter-tall fence.


Melilla is one of the two Spanish enclaves on the northwestern Moroccan coast.


Ten of thousand of sub-Saharans flee every year to Morocco, seeking access to Europe either through Melilla or in small boats crossing the strait of Gibraltar.



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