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US: Police arrest suspect after fatal shooting at US Jewish facilities

14th Apr 2014
US: Police arrest suspect after fatal shooting at US Jewish facilities

Police in the US state of Kansas have taken a man suspected of involvement in deadly hate crime. An unidentified gunman killed several people in separate shooting targeting Jewish community centers in Kansas City.

Authorities arrested a man suspected of shooting dead three people on Sunday in the central US. The alleged assailant was apprehended outside of a local elementary school in Kansas City around 2:45 p.m. (2045 UTC). He reportedly made anti-Semitic remarks as police escorted him away from the scene.

“Today is a sad and very tragic day,” Overland Park Police Chief John Douglass told reporters. “As you might imagine, we are only three hours into this investigation. There’s a lot of innuendo and a lot of assertions going around. There is really very little hardcore information.”

At roughly 1 p.m., an unidentified gunman opened fire at a local Jewish community center, killing at least two people, according to local police. He then moved on to a nearby retirement home – Village Shalom – where he shot dead one person.

A 14-year-old boy remains in critical condition, according to Overland Park Medical Center spokesperson Christine Hamele.

The Kansas City Star newspaper reported that the community center had been filled with kids auditioning for a contest and rehearsing for a play at the time of the incident.

The shooting occurred in the southwestern Kansas City suburb of Overland Park, located southwest of the metropolitan area which stretches west from the border of the US state Missouri into its immediate neighbor Kansas.

kms/ (AP, AFP)


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