3rd Oct 2013

US: At least 6 killed in bus crash in Tennessee

WASHINGTON, (Xinhua): At least six people were killed Wednesday afternoon after a passenger bus crashed into a tractor- trailer and a car in U.S. state of Tennessee, according to knoxnews.com, a local news website. There are also multiple injuries, the … Continued

2nd Oct 2013

US: White House rejects Republican ‘piecemeal funding’ proposal

The White House has rejected Republican plans to fund individual parts of the federal government budget in response to the US government shutdown. The administration said that “piecemeal funding” was not acceptable. On Tuesday, US President Barack Obama’s administration said … Continued

1st Oct 2013

US: Netanyahu urges Obama to keep Iran sanctions in place

WASHINGTON, (Xinhua): Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday urged U.S. President Barack Obama to keep economic sanctions on Iran in place in a bid to ease Israeli concerns about Washington’s diplomatic engagement with Tehran over its disputed nuclear program. … Continued

1st Oct 2013

Venezuela’s Maduro expels US diplomats over ‘sabotage’

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has announced the expulsion of the top US diplomat in Caracas along with other embassy staff. The leader accused Washington of seeking to sabotage the economy and electrical system. In an impassioned appearance on live television … Continued

1st Oct 2013

US federal agencies close as Congress fails to avert shutdown

As the clock ticked, the White House has ordered some government agencies to close. US President Barack Obama has stressed the “very real” consequences of lawmakers failing to avert the government shutdown. Just ahead of the midnight deadline, the US … Continued

30th Sep 2013

US House votes on funding bill as Government shutdown looms

The US House of Representatives has voted to fund the government through mid-December. But the bill passed with a Republican amendment defunding President Obama’s health care act, making a shutdown almost certain. With an impending government shutdown fast approaching, members … Continued

29th Sep 2013

Iran media hails Obama-Rohani phone call as “the end of a 35-year taboo”

US President Barack Obama and his Iranian counterpart Hassan Rohani spoke by phone Friday in a historic and first direct contact between leaders of their estranged nations since the 1979. The stunning 15-minute call was the fruit of a diplomatic … Continued

28th Sep 2013

Obama and Rouhani talk, first direct US-Iran contact since 1979

[Iranian President Rouhani smiling on the plane after taking a call from US President Obama. photo via @hassanrouhani] President Barack Obama and President Hasan Rouhani have spoken on the phone, the first verbal contact between the US and Iranian heads of … Continued

27th Sep 2013

US: Iran holds ‘constructive’ high-level nuclear talks with world powers

Iran and the US have heralded landmark nuclear talks as “constructive.” Attended by foreign ministers from Iran and six other world powers, they were the highest-level negotiations on Tehran’s nuclear program since 2007. Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif came … Continued

25th Sep 2013

Mexican storm death toll jumps to 130

MEXICO CITY,  (Xinhua): The death toll from the recent two devastating storms in Mexico has jumped to 130, after more bodies were found from a landslide, authorities said Tuesday. The bodies were recovered in Acatepec in the Pacific coast state … Continued

21st Sep 2013

Brazil: Five killed in plane crash

RIO DE JANEIRO, (Xinhua): Five people were killed in a plane crash in midwestern Brazil Friday, authorities said. The aircraft, a Seneca 3 model, a small plane, was on its way from the town of Ouro Fino, Minas Gerais state, … Continued

20th Sep 2013

Mexico: Storms leave 97 dead, 58 missing

People walk in front of a flooded supermarket in Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico, on Sept. 17, 2013. According to the local press, the victims of the floods are not just taking food, or basic needs articles, but also electronics, TV’s, etc. … Continued

19th Sep 2013

Mexico: Dozens missing after landslide devastates Mexican town

  Dozens of people have gone missing after a landslide demolished a village in southwestern Mexico. The country has been hit by hurricanes on its east and west coasts, affecting hundreds of thousands of people nationwide.  At least 58 people … Continued

18th Sep 2013

Brazilian President Rousseff cancels US visit

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has called off an upcoming meeting with President Barack Obama amid allegations of US spying in Brazil. The rift threatens to reverse improved relations between the two trading giants. The office of Brazilian President Rousseff released … Continued

18th Sep 2013

US: Police looking for motive in Washington Navy Yard shooting

  Investigators are trying to determine what led a military veteran to open fire at a US Navy facility in Washington, killing twelve people. Authorities have also questioned how an armed man was able to enter the complex. Navy officials … Continued

17th Sep 2013

US: FBI releases identity of Washington Navy shooter

[Shootings … Washington Navy Yard] The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has released the photo of the man behind a deadly shooting in Washington, D.C. Authorities have said the gunman acted alone. A shooting at a high-security naval facility … Continued

16th Sep 2013

Mexico storms death toll mounts after heavy rains and landslides

  Hurricane Ingrid and Tropical Storm Manuel have triggered landslides and floods on Mexico’s east and west coasts. The weather systems have forced thousands from their homes and have claimed at least 17 lives.   Tropical Storm Manuel made landfall … Continued

15th Sep 2013

Mexico menaced on both coasts by storms Ingrid and Manuel

Several thousand people have evacuated as Hurricane Ingrid draws nearer to Mexico’s Atlantic coast. In the west, Tropical Storm Manuel has grown to hurricane strength and is expected to make landfall on Sunday.  Ingrid, Mexico’s second hurricane of the Atlantic … Continued

11th Sep 2013

US: Obama delays a vote on Syria intervention to pursue diplomatic solution

  US President Barack Obama has delayed a vote in Congress to authorize a strike on Syria in favour of pursuing diplomacy. In a televised address he warned that, in the meantime, the US would keep up military pressure.   … Continued

10th Sep 2013

Guatemala: Death toll rises to 43 in central Guatemala bus accident

[Rescuers work at the site of a bus accident that happened in the San Martin Jilotepeque, about 64 kilometers from Guatemala City, where the bus plunged into a 75-meter-deep ravine before it fell off into a nearby river, killing 43 … Continued

The Muslim News Awards for Excellence 2015 was held on March in London to acknowledge British Muslim and non-Muslim contributions to the society.

The Muslim News Awards for Excellence 2015 was held on March in London to acknowledge British Muslim and non-Muslim contributions to the society.

The Muslim News Awards for Excellence event is to acknowledge British Muslim and non-Muslim contributions to society. Over 850 people from diverse background, Muslim and non-Muslim, attended the gala dinner.

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